13. 12. 2014, Weihnachtsausstellung Olten
Offene Klasse, excellent
Richter: Mrs. G. Wicklow
"Excellent type, very nice propotions, nice moulded head, bit short neck, deep rib cage, straight upperarms, very nice hindquaters with low hocks, bit narrow body, strong bones, not full coat today, needs to tighten up in front movements, lovely temerament, well handled."

14. 12. 2014, Weihnachtsausstellung Olten
Offene Klasse, excellent
Richter: Mrs. M. Neil
"Pale coated dog of good overall quality, strong masc. head, would prefer better front angulation, level top, correct tailset, moved ok, very fit condition."

28. 09. 2014, Expo Romandie Avenches
Offene Klasse, excellent
Richter: Mary O'Donoghue
"A lovely free flowing dog, correct in head, eye, muzzle, neck, topline, tail set, shown in excellent coat, good neet feed, handled and moved well."

27. 04. 2014, Klubschau Aarau
2. Platz excellent Res.CAC

Richter: Mme Sue Ross
"21 months, nice head and expression, well up to size, good lay back of shoulder, a little long in the loin and top line for me, straight neat hocks, at an in between stage of development, well presented and handled."

23. 02. 2014, IHA Fribourg
Zwischenklasse, very good
Richter: Mme Valerie Banbery
"Sadly not in his best coat today which rather spoils his outline, good pigmentation dark eye straight front and quarters which still need to develop for more imple... on the move toes in front."

22. 02. 2014, IHA Fribourg
Zwischenklasse, 3. Platz excellent
Richter: Theres Schmid (CH)
"Eleganter Rüde mit passendem Fundament, sehr schöner Kopf und Ausdruck, trockener Hals, fester aber leicht abfallender Rücken, gute Schulterlage, aber etwas steiler Oberarm, gute Tiefe, Rippenwölbung muss sich noch entwickeln. Flüssige Bewegung mit gutem Raumgriff. Haarkleid im Wechsel. Sehr sympathisch vorgeführt."

24. 11. 2013
RCS Weihnachtsshow Olten
Jugendklasse, 3. Platz excellent
Richter: Mrs. L. Keene aus England
"Pleasing head and outline. Well developed body and well muscled. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Good bone and feet. Move well with drive. Well handled."

22. 09. 2013
Clubshow "La Romandie" Avenches
Jugendklasse, 2. Platz excellent
Richter: Jacques Goubie
"Grand modèle. Tête correcte. Dessus assez soutenu. Ex. poitrine pour son âge, ex. angulation de l'épaule, ex. dans les postérieurs. Légèrement panard des antérieurs. Très bon mouvement."

02. 06. 2013, Clubshow Burgdorf
Jugendklasse, excellent
Richter: Mrs. Isobel Cuthill, Schottland
"Very pleasing head and expression with nice dark eye and good pigment, nice outline, would prefer more front angulation, stown in lovely condition, move steadily but not very well"
05. 05. 2013, IHA St. Gallen
Jugendklasse, 3. Platz very good
Richter: Mr. B. Lundgren (SE)
"Big dog, a bit long in body, nice masculine head, kind expression, short in neck, straight in front, french in standing, enough spring of ribs, nice topline, good hind angulation, a bit short in his moves, should have more drive, very good bone, good coat quality"

04. 05. 2013, IHA St. Gallen
Jugendklasse, 2. Platz very good
Richter: Mr. Dr. T. Jakkel (HU)
"Nice head, straight shoulders, good balance and substance, good coat quality, very closed rear and soft topline on the move."

27. 04. 2013
Puppy et Veteran Show et
La Familiale Montricher
Puppy 4, 1. Platz very promissing
Richter: Frau Verena Neuburger (CH)
"9 M. alter Rüde, im Moment etwas hoch auf den Läufen stehend, ausdrucksstarker bereits rüdenhafter Kopf mit viel Pigment. Korrekte o.Linie, Winkelungen vorne etwas knapp, Brust bereits tief, mittlere Knochenstärke, schlichtes Haar, darf sich in der Bewegung noch festigen."

26. 04. 2013
Exposition La Nationale Lémanique
Jugendklasse, 3. Platz very good
Richter: Mrs. Diana Leigh (GB)
"Nice golden head, with good pigmentation and correct scissor bite, correct front and behind angulations, rather long in loin, straight topline, has a tendency to turn his front right foot out, seem like he is a monorchid (nur 1 Hoden unten), but that is a opinion and I'd like it to be confirmed. If I had to give him a qualification (which I can't) I'd give him a "very good". CORRECTED"

16. 02. 2013, IHA Fribourg
Jüngstenklasse, 1. Platz very promissing
Richter: Mrs Catherine Zingg (FR)
"Lovely head and expression, good pigment, well boned, good sized male, still needing time to mature, good forehand, needs to strenghten in rear quaters, moved chose behind, very nicely presented and handled."

17. 02. 2013, IHA Fribourg Sonntag
Jüngstenklasse, 1. Platz Prometteur
Richter: Mrs M. Holm-Hansen (DK)
"7 months masc. of good size, good head and pigment, a little full in eye, strong back, correct tail set, correct rib, good bone, very steep in upper arm and he needs to straighten his front. Ex. feet, good coat for age, moves happily but needs to collect his front movement."

9. 12. 2012
RCS Weihnachtsshow Olten
Welpenklasse, 4. Platz very promessing
Richter Mrs. C. Gilbert (Okus)
"Very promising baby, steady mover, pleasing head, very short coupled, firm topline."

20. 10. 2012, IHA Lausanne
Welpenklasse, 2. Platz vielversprechend
Richter Mr. Dr. G. Bodegard
"Very promising puppy with a attractif head and a dogkindly eye. Good front and band of stuffle. Moved correctly."